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Awestruck Ciders - Lavender Hops

"Think of lavender and you imagine rows of sun-kissed purple, with a gentle scent of Mediterranean summer evenings. Our Lavender Hops is created to capture the same sensation of warm, fragrant summertime. We infuse our traditional hard cider with a secret blend of hops and sweet lavender. This adds a mildly bitter complexity which, together with the citrus and floral undertones, combines to produce a unique flavour. Like a summer evening, Lavender Hops is mellow - perfect for cider and beer drinkers alike."

Phonograph Cider - Northern Spy

The Northern Spy heirloom apple originated in East Bloomfield, New York - Less than 40miles from the orchard where the apples were grown for this cider. The Spy's austere acidity provides a solid backbone that the natural residual sugar stands on, creating an elegant balance. It pairs well with seafood, pork, cheese and is equally enjoyable by itself with a good book.