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For centuries, hard cider was the drink of choice for many Americans prior to prohibition in the 1920s. During prohibition, thousands of apple orchards were cut down in favor of more profitable goods such as wheat and barley. Unfortunately, even once prohibition was repealed in 1933, the cider industry never fully recovered.

However, cider is now making a real comeback. With the age of the internet and social media, long-lost cider enthusiasts are reconnecting once again. The cider revolution is truly upon us as more consumers discover this wonderful alternative to beer and wine. By signing up for a DoubleCider subscription, you will not only be enjoying delicious cider, you will also be taking part in the efforts to revitalize a once-struggling cider industry. We'll cheers to that!

Cider [sīdər]

(noun): The juice pressed from apples (or some other fruit) used for drinking, either before fermentation (sweet cider) or after fermentation (hard cider) or for making applejack, vinegar, etc.

Folks [fōks]

(noun): People as the carriers of culture, especially as representing the composite of social mores, customs, forms of behavior, etc., in a society. 


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